Thursday, November 19, 2009

D teamers go for the blackout

Dy - Ducks in black? And pigs fly, not quite, but their germs fly far enough to give us all the flu! Wear your stolen black uni's. Paint your field black. Play your games only at night. And maybe you truely will become invisible. Identity is on the inside. It's the heart of the players, coaches and fans. It's something you can't buy or have someone buy for you. Some will always be searching for their identity outside of themselves. Keep looking. Maybe you'll find it someday.
Jen - OUCH!!! DY, you gotta let the black thing go. I came to this realization Saturday night when I saw them on TV. Let them embarrass themselves. It's just a marketing ploy from Nike to get them all the buy the 'new' color. It's working too. Isn't there a quote: 'Imitation is the greatest form of flattery'?? Lightening Yellow was a terrible idea and that putrid green color was just plain disturbing. Apparently, they gave up on inventing new gross colors and decided to take one of ours. They do look slimmer! I hope they wear head to toe black for Civil War and we wear head to toe orange and kick their @sses.......then maybe next year they'll try purple.
Dy - Way to be classy Jen. It's way better than a junk punch!

Post-Game - OSU vs. UW - Anticipation

Dy - I wake up early Sunday morning. I can't wait one more second to watch the game again. It's my favorite Sunday morning ritual. Get the paper, drink my chai latte and watch the game once more. My voice is raspy again. My legs hurt from jumping up and down. Oh what a game day in Corvallis! Even the serious people I know were smiling. If only for a few hours.
Riley and the Beavs have it right this time. No mouthing off. No speaking of roses. Not yet. We play WSU on Saturday and then comes the Civil War. Two games left to go. One at a time. I don't know anyone, Beavs or D teamers, who doesn't want this Civil War to be for all the marbles. 2009 is setting up to be an epic Civil War.
Congrats to Ninja on his engagement. The three blondes will have to pick a new crush. Canfield gets my vote!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Beavs brusin' the Bruins

Ang - So maybe that title's a bit of an exaggeration considering we gave up a 16 pt. lead in 10 mins. and the team seemed to play half-heartedly. Maybe it was b/c it was Halloween night and the boys could think of nothing more than donning their power ranger outfits for free snacks OR maybe (more likely) it was b/c they were coming off a close loss to USC and figured this was a gimme. What I do know is it was still all Rogers all the time (thank God for those boys), Canfield is really starting to get his groove on, and Hula (Halahuni) and Ninja (Adeniji) are earning their keep! The defense still gave up key 3rd down plays and just can't seem to get a sack. The Bruins were a beaten down team that I was expecting the Beavs would shut-out, which makes me all the more nervous about upcoming Cal and the Ducks. Sorry people, but I think we're hosed. If any of you watched the Ducks Sat. night, you saw their agility and quickness on the offense and a steamin' hot defense batting down balls by one of the top QBs in the nation. Scarey stuff for Halloween night.
Jenn - Ok, I can't take this get a sweet lead in the first half and then try to give the game away in the 4th stuff any more! I'm going to have a heart attack! Somehow these stessful wins feel like a loss to me. AND what is with all the false start and extra man on the field penalties? These are freshman mistakes that I blame on our seasoned coach. Come on Riley! And as for the ducks......I was ready for them to choke like they do every season at this time but they are for real this year. The stars are aligned for them. I DO think that USC is over-rated however. I think that Stanford and Arizona on the road will give them bigger fits. They have been in Eugene a lot this year. Let's see some road action.
Dy - After a bye week trip to Hawaii...I did the unthinkable. I went out of town to celebrate Halloween in Dallas (cause I'm sticking at 28) and missed a home game. Sometimes this blonde girl needs to walk on the wild side. So after the second disco nap of the day I got to watch the game via tape delay. Cheating via ESPN scorecenter on the Iphone takes the edge off Jenn!
1)Score when you get in the red zone.
2)Stupid penalties should have been cleaned up earlier in the season. We saw Stanford defeat themselves that way. Let's not follow their example.
3)The wild Beaver works. Nice spiral Quizz.
4)Why are we talking about the Ducks? Don't they do enough of that for everyone?
5)I still couldn't bring myself to wear that beautiful green dress even in a different area code... It's football season!
Jenn - You'll be glad to know that I HAVE vowed not to speak about the Ducks any more this season. I still want them to choke but I'm not going to get upset about it any more. So what if they are good. I learned this week that you can shut up a duck fan in two seconds by agreeing with them and telling them they are having a great season. They don't know what to say to that one :) It's a new tactic that I haven't tried before :)
Dy - I've found that pre-emptive moves are the best. Wow, what a game! Goes a long way. I just have a problem with the poser, bandwagon ones the most. One of my sorority sisters that lives in Eugene had some idiot mounthing off to her 3-year-old son who was wearing his cool Beavs jersey in the grocery store. X*&# 'em. I'll keep the Ducks I like and the rest can go wear black for the rest of the year.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

David and Goliath? - Pre-game USC vs. OSU

Dy - USC is a 21 point favorite in Saturday's game v. OSU. Let's see...3 points for home field advantage...and 18 because they're 6th ranked USC? Seems like we've been here before. I live football like life: cautiously optimistic. On this note Quizz chimes in: "It shows us that USC can be beaten. We can't live off of what we did last year though." It's that kind of attitude that has given the mental edge the Beavs need to defeat Goliath.
Now more than ever the Beavs need Quizz, James, Ninja, Halehuni, Wheaton to succeed with receptions in the passing game so the run will stay open. Use the full back and our center to hide Quizz until he's ready to head for the long run. Can he top 68 yards? Let's see it!
Dockery has had his eye on this USC game since pre-season. Make it happen! Beavs do what you do best. Don't talk about it, just EXECUTE!
Ang - I don't know, but USC is no ASU and I have an uneasy feeling about Saturday's game. I mean, how many miracles can we have against them? We are coming off a bye week, but USC is a powerhouse, no matter how much we want to think they're overrated.
It will be an interesting though and a good test to see how the rest of the season may play out - especially the shoot out between Barkley (#1 in passing in Pac-10) and Canfield (#3). On the ground, we're ranked #3 with our D in allowing the run, USC is ranked #2 - and this time Quizz won't have the surprise factor. If we can get pased USC's huge D to the red zone, we may have a shot, considering we're third in the nation with a 95.8% scoring percentage.
Now, the numbers may look comparable, but you have to consider who USC has played - Ohio State, Cal, ND - granted they lost to San Jose St. and WSU (like playing against prep football), but I think their loss to the Huskies was a fluke and they're not going to let that happen again against a shakey, new Beav team. Come on Ninja and Hula - show us what 'ya got!
Side note: Jenn is on vacation this week.  Dy is now in Hawaii.  Where the heck am I? 

Duck Behavior - How the Bandwagon is Alive and Well Once Again

Dy - The ducks marketing department has decided to slot Duck ads during the Beaver games. Keep in mind Civil War is in December. Go throw your billboard up in Times Square. Brag to the world about how awesome you think you are. Whip the bandwagon blowhards into a frenzy. I don't care. But don't corrupt my brand new HD screen with your green propaganda during our game time! It's just plain RUDE! If you don't like my opinion you can always send Blount out to "negociate"!
Ang - Seriously...I actually find this marketing campaign kind of pathetic and desperate. We should look at it as a compliment, we're finally gaining ground on their fans, alumni, and recruits!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pre-Game: Stanford vs OSU - Arrival of Bird Season: Cardinal Hunting

Dy - Don't know what the spread is here, but the Cardinal is coming to Corvallis undefeated. Stanford's passing was the difference in the win over UCLA last weekend. It makes me smile when Neuheisel loses. He's such a whiney little bitch. Watch for the QB to be ready to thread the needle again. Do not make a mistake, the Cardinal WILL absolutely go after our corners. Defense play back pack football and full pressure on the QB with a few vicious hits should help keep them at bay. Double cover Toby Gearhart and shut down the run. Force the stupid penalties that Sanford has been plagued with by playing heads up ball and the Beavs will have an inspired day in the valley. Offense-Canfield keep our Ninja (80) fed with a healthy supply of well thrown passes. Keep the play calling diverse and the 6 receivers. This Beaver girl is much happier today. Got the Cardinal on our scope! Ready, Aim, Fire!
Ang - Stanford is going to be tough with the #1 RB in the PAC-10. I'm nervous!  There's only so much magic in the Rogers' bros and Ninja...and this is the only other game we're actually attending this season.  Last time didn't go so well - hope you're bringing the good Jello again Dy Dy - helped Camille sleep through the horrific AZ game last time and made it all the less painful for me! :)

Post-Game: ASU vs OSU - Redemption with a Cherry on Top

Dy - There's the football TEAM we all knew existed, but hadn't seen yet this season. We'd seen glimmers, but not the "full meal deal". The play calling was much better. I saw Canfield hit 6 guys. I asked for 5, and I got six! How's that for customer satisfaction! LOVE it. And just as we talked about after the AZ game it spread out the ASU defense enough to give Quizz some holes to hit. Quizz even had a defensive tackle. The defense was revived. Those beside Kristick tackled and hung on for their lives. Special teams gave us field position. It all came together in the desert. Way to go guys.
Ang - I don't know Dy - I'm not getting too excited until these guys prove it to me...maybe the Swine Flu has made me more cynical than normal???